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Interpol – A Time To Be So Small

It seems as though every other Interpol song has rhapsodized the ocean. A Time To Be So Small, along with Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down (which I have also discussed), are no exception or surprise, considering that lead singer Paul Banks has mentioned on multiple occasions that he visits the beach to obtain ideas. The marine theme present in both of these is something that can be picked up on immediately, especially on this excellent closing track to one of the best records of 2004, Antics - right? This is partially a humor piece.

Weezer – Slave

Slave is a song that's rather balanced between being a deep cut and being a 'banger'. It appears to be one of Weezer's favorite songs to perform acoustically, having done so on many occasions (although the Weezer Fan Club might be responsible for that). It even got a spot on their Spotify Sessions EP, and was played in Boston alongside members from Harvard's orchestra band. Slave might just be the non-single song from Maladroit that has gotten the most love.

Weezer – The British Are Coming

For what it's worth, I think Weezer has a great discography. Fundamentally, many would be quick to disagree with me. I wouldn't blame them - out of eleven studio albums, only four are really granted this status of nobility.

Car Seat Headrest: Twin Fantasy

The frustration I feel in knowing that no matter how many words I produce writing about this record will do it no justice is a feeling I suspect Will Toledo would manage to encapsulate perfectly. There are few albums that manage to talk about dogs, galvanism, and God all in one. Between it's 2011 and 2018 version with all alterations taken into account, Twin Fantasy is nothing short of Will Toledo's magnum opus. Dreams live and die, and the sexually confused world of a high school graduate tells a coming of age story like no other.
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