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Weezer – Slave

Slave is a song that's rather balanced between being a deep cut and being a 'banger'. It appears to be one of Weezer's favorite songs to perform acoustically, having done so on many occasions (although the Weezer Fan Club might be responsible for that). It even got a spot on their Spotify Sessions EP, and was played in Boston alongside members from Harvard's orchestra band. Slave might just be the non-single song from Maladroit that has gotten the most love.

Weezer – The British Are Coming

For what it's worth, I think Weezer has a great discography. Fundamentally, many would be quick to disagree with me. I wouldn't blame them - out of eleven studio albums, only four are really granted this status of nobility.

Weezer – Freak Me Out

Where to begin? With the triumphs of The Blue Album having passed, and the poor reception of self-produced, emotionally charged sophomore record Pinkerton leaving a permanent dent on lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s approach to songwriting – is Freak Me Out an unexpected product?
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